Outsourcing and Off-shoring


Globalization has changed us and we see the world not only as market, but also as source to find the world's best talents and greatest ideas for the best value/cost ratio. Many articles and blogs got written about outsourcing, off-shoring, near-shoring, and right-shoring or whatever buzz-shoring-term was just up to date.

If you look who failed and who succeeded in opening up to the rest of the globe, you'll find that who tried to export all of his processes and procedures to another country or location without adapting to local needs and did organization and processes 'as usual' failed and who re-thought what should be achieved and therefore combined the strength of the diverse locations and created modified adapted processes was successful.

I was creating, organizing and managing a big globally distributed software development organization. Locations were in Japan, China, Singapore, India, Hungary, Germany, France, Belgium, USA Canada and Brazil at the same time in one organization. SAP's biggest development location outside of Germany was and still is India. The organization I created was the biggest team in this location at this time with a very low attrition rate. I'm not genius, but I have seen many others fail and avoided their mistakes and I always did not 'automatically' do it as we always did it, but thought new for each location how we best combine and integrate them with the existing organization to make the overall organization stronger and more powerful. A very similar approach I used by the way for integrating acquisitions.

I faced the nice to have problem that demand was growing faster as we could supply with own resources on our payrol and, despite all the people we had, we often did not have the right skill at the right time in the right place and therefore we often engaged 3rd parties in our projects or outsourced projects or parts. We even sometimes 'backsourced' to our customers.   

You face similar tasks and need somebody who went through all this already very successfully and has a lot of experience in this and creative but proven ideas? Send me an email.